Green Valley

Frozen Rabbit Carcass


It is always slaughtered under the strict supervision of ISO and HACCP quality control system. For skinless & bone-in whole rabbit carcass, it can be divided into three grades according to size: M, L and XL, processed without head, viscera and paws.


  • Fresh from material 
  • Whole carcass, skinless, bone-in
  • M: 600 - 1000g
  • L: 1000 -1500g
  • XL: 1500g up
  • High quality in deep frozen
  • Deep frozen for locking the nutrition


  • Inside: I.W.P. in poly bag
  • Outside: 20kg per carton

Shipment & Storage:

  • In deep-frozen compartment or reefer at -18℃ or below
  • Shelf life: not more than 24 months