Green Valley

Pumpkin Seed

It is always processed at the beginning of the harvest season when they are ripe and nutritional to ensure the high quality, natural flavour and god shape. It can be processed pumpkin seeds in shell by different sort:: Shine-skin and Snow-white, which will be different in size for EU or Middle East market. Also for shelled pumpkin seed kernels, it can be processed from above two sorts or another new sort: Grown Without Shell (GWS).


  • Fresh from the material
  • Sort in shell: Shine-skin, Snow-white
  • Specification to EU:
  • Shine-skin: 9mm/10mm/11mm/12mm
  • Snow-white: 10mm/11mm/12mm/12.5mm/13mm
  • Specification to Middle East:
  • Shine-skin: 9cm/10cm/11cm/12cm
  • Snow-white: 10cm/11cm/12cm/12.5cm/13cm
  • Sort of kernels w/o shell: shelled kernels by Shine-skin or Snow-white, GWS
  • Specification of kernels w/o shell: Grade A, Grade AA(dark green colour)
  • Moisture<8.0%; broken kernels<3%, dangerous foreign matter:N/A; admixture<0.1%


  • 5x5kg in vacuum bag per carton
  • 2x12.5kg in vacuum bag per carton
  • 25kg kraft bag or woven bag

Shipment & Storage:

  • Normally in 20’ or 40’ dry container
  • Shelf life: not more than 24 months