Green Valley

Pear Juice Concentrate

The pear juice concentrate (PJC) is processed from fresh pear. It is produced through the essential manufacturing procedures including cleaning, crushing, pressing, enzyme treatment, ultra filtration, pasteurism and concentrating. The pressing season is always from September to October in China.


  • Colour: brown yellow or brown red
  • Brix: 70-71%
  • Acidity (as malic): 0.8-1.2
  • Appearance: transparent, no sediment and suspension
  • Clarity (% transmittance @ 625 nm @ 11.5 brix): 95%


  • Steel open drum with aseptic bag, 275kg/drum

Shipment & Storage:

  • In deep-frozen compartment or reefer at -18℃ or below
  • Shelf life: not more than 18 months