Green Valley

Canned Mushroom


It is always processed at the beginning of the harvest season when they are fresh, ripe and nutritional to ensure the high quality and typical taste. Based on different processing technology, it can be processed into whole mushroom, slice mushroom and pieces & stems mushroom.


  • Fresh from the material
  • High quality in tins & drums
  • Whole, slices, Pieces & Stems
  • Pasteurization for canned foods
  • No colors or preservatives or chemical substances


  • In tin: 184g,190g,284g,400g,425g,800g,2840g  
  • In drum: 50kg in poly-plastic drum 

Packing & Label:

  • Tin: normal tin, with or without easy-open lid
  • Label: paper label, or lithographic tin

Shipment & Storage:

  • Normally in dry container, or in reefer at 4-6℃ in Summer
  • Shelf life: not more than 36 months